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Bismi Wholesale, Businesses (B2B)

Delivering opportunities direct to Businesses.

BISMI group, with its existence in UAE since 2001, is one of the most progressive organizations dealing in Wholesale, Retail, Fruits And Vegetables, Food Service and Distribution services. Headquartered in Dubai, BISMI Group has extended its roots to many other emirates like Al Ain and Sharjah and continues to expand its horizon.

We understand the increasing demand of our business customers and end consumers; therefore, we purchase our products in bulk which promotes large scale and cost-effective working enabling us to supply our customers and consumers the superior quality products at the best possible price. Using this key strength, we will continue to push boundaries and pass on great savings to our discerning customers

Bismi’s Combination Stores Model

Our shared economy model is an all-encompassing approach for attracting audiences of the individual and business sectors. The plan has salient features and benefits from which everyone involved can gain traction. We source branded international products in bulk quantities with direct principal companies and regional distributors and pass this price advantage to businesses and consumers. The Shared Economy Model is categorized as:

  • Bismi Wholesale B2B
  • Bismi Wholesale B2C

Bismi Advantages For Business

One Stop Shop
Delivery Solution
Best Price Guarantee
Quality Assurance
Working 24x7
24/7 Customer Support Service
Offering In-House Products
Multiple Payment Options

Bismi Wholesale The Consumers (B2C)

Bismi Wholesale has opened its services to businesses and consumers due to the overwhelming demand requirements of our loyal clientele. We have developed a first-of-a-kind business model in the region, which emerges as a ‘shared economy model’ and caters to every client of ours with consistency and proactive engagement.

We deliver a significant price advantage for international brands and cost-effective solutions implemented within the system. Value packs of your household brands, consistently available in Bismi Wholesale outlets, offer out-of-the-box savings to our customers.

Why Bismi Wholesale

Value Packs
Quality Products
Bigger Saving on
Bigger Packs
Everyday Wholesale
Price For Everyone

Product Range

Fruits & Vegitables
Food Grains & Oil
Snacks & Packed
Dry Fruits
Fruits & Vegitables
Perfumes & Cosmetics
Stationary & Toys Food
Frozen Foods
Chilled Products

Our Extensive Product Range


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